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Museum Passes

  • For these reduced or free admissions, you must: have a current Howe Library card, have no billed items.
  • After completing the reservation process, pick up the physical passes and/or coupons at the library the day before or the day of use.
  • You may have only one pass (coupon) per museum per family per day.
  • To begin the reservation process, click on the logo for the museum you wish to visit below.
  • Please check with each museums' website to find out about each museums' hours and weekly schedule as this information is not reflected in this reservation sysytem. 
  • Returnable passes are due back to the library prior to opening on the day after your museum visit. If we are closed when you arrive back at the library, you can place the pass in one of the library's drop bins and we will know you returned it on time. Paper coupons for museums do not need to be returned to the library.
  • There is a $5.00 fee for non-pickup or late return of returnable passes. If a returnable pass is lost, there is a replacement fee of up to $105.

Please contact Howe Library with any questions you may have: phone 603-643-4120, or email
This service was generously funded by the Howe Library Corporation. 

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